Accuracy and Authenticity

We strive for accuracy in reproducing our Pontiac window stickers. We include every detail possible to make them look authentic.

We use the correct font (based on year) that simulates how line printers printed window stickers back in the day at Pontiac plants. Our font is a little imperfect, with thick and thin areas on each character, just like how the text appeared on original window stickers. Unlike other reproductions currently available, we don’t want our text to appear like it was printed on a modern day laser printer.

Our window sticker blanks were created from scratch. We spent months gathering true original window stickers for each model, year, and plant to make sure we get all the details correct.

  • We will not “age” or “weather” any window stickers.
  • We will not create a window sticker to misrepresent a car.
  • We will not add options that alter the value of the car.


Any and all paperwork I receive to create a window sticker remains strictly CONFIDENTIAL. I do not share invoices or paperwork with any individual or party unless the owner specifically says it’s ok to share.

If you wish for me to post vehicle photos (or paperwork) publicly, please let me know. I am active on social media and Pontiac-related forums. Our MusclecarFilms.com Facebook page currently has over 50,000 followers.

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