1969 Firebird Window Sticker (late)

1969 Firebird Window Sticker (late)



1969 Firebirds (late) used a smaller form than regular Pontiacs. Your window sticker may vary slightly from the one pictured based on the production plant where your car was built (see description for details).


1969 Firebirds used a scaled down version of a regular 1969 Pontiac window sticker. This was so the window sticker could be displayed in the small 1/4 window of a Firebird. Since these window stickers are only about 2/3 the size of a standard 1969 window sticker, often a Firebird ordered with a large number of options required a two-page window sticker. If your Firebird qualifies, we will create the correct two-page window sticker. Text formatting varied only slightly from plant-to-plant. Plants also added coded information outside of the blue border area of the window sticker (as seen in the sample). Firebird plants also issued window stickers where the last 6 digits of the VIN were hand stamped, and the font of that stamp varied from plant-to-plant.

1969 Firebird production ran all the way through to November 1969. Due to an issue producing the new 1970 Firebird bodies, Pontiac decided to extend the 1969 Firebird production run all the way into the beginning of the 1970 model year.

If your 1969 Firebird or Trans Am was built in August 1969 or later, it will receive the 1969/1970 style (late) window sticker shown here.


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