1971 Firebird Window Sticker (Norwood plant)

1971 Firebird Window Sticker (Norwood plant)


1971 Trans Am window sticker for the Norwood, OH assembly plant. Firebirds built at this plant used a Chevrolet-style window sticker with Chevrolet option codes. All other Pontiacs used the standard 1971 Pontiac window sticker form.


1971 Pontiacs all used the same form, with the exception of Norwood-built 1971 Firebirds. 1971 Firebirds built at Norwood used a completely different form that was nearly identical to the 1971 Chevrolet window sticker blank, but with a Pontiac banner across the top. The option codes and other info follow a Chevrolet coding format. These window stickers are difficult to create but we’ve identified all the option codes and have done many window stickers for owners of 1971 Firebirds, Esprits, Formulas, and Trans Ams.

1971 Firebirds built at the Van Nuys, CA. plant used the standard 1971 Pontiac Full-Sized form.


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