All of our Pontiac Window Stickers are enclosed in a clear sleeve. Your window sticker can be displayed on your Pontiac or simply stored with your vehicle’s documentation (most owners order two copies of their window sticker, one to display, one for documentation, but it’s completely up to you).

If you choose to display your window sticker on your Pontiac, it needs to be attached to the inside of the glass, not the outside. We include instructions on where to specifically mount your window sticker based on the year, model, and even the plant where your Pontiac was built.

We do not laminate our window stickers. We want them to appear like a preserved original window sticker, so we use a clear sleeve. The sleeves are UV resistant, but as with any ink-on-paper product, over the years the window sticker can fade if exposed to continuous direct sunlight (factory original Pontiac window stickers faded too). Since most owners have a garage or car cover for their Pontiac, fading isn’t an issue.

Our included instructions show a simply method, using Scotch Tape, on how to mount your window sticker to the inside of your glass. We strongly recommend using tape on all four side edges of the window sticker sleeve (as shown in the instructions) to prevent accidental damage. You don’t want your window sticker to snag, fold, or slide down into your door or quarter panel frame (yes, that’s happened) when you raise/lower your window.

If you discover I made an error on your window sticker, I will ship you replacement(s) for free.

If you simply want more copies (or you damaged/lost your window sticker), I keep all your paperwork on file and can reprint your window sticker(s) for a $15 fee (free shipping).

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